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Albright sets tone for 2012 during National Agents Alliance Agency Managers meeting

RALEIGH, N.C. – National Agents Alliance President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Albright held a special agency managers meeting prior to kicking off the “Be Your Own Rock Star” Version 2.0 National Convention Friday at the Raleigh Convention Center.

Albright talked about trends he is seeing with the company since starting weekly rotation meetings in 2011. National Agents Alliance posted December numbers that flirted with all-time December numbers since the company’s inception in 2002.

Albright was joined at the podium by Barry Clarkson, Chris Reavis, Jim Henson and Tim Goad.

The majority of Albright’s message focused on continuing the positive trends the company showed in the last four months of 2011.

Growth and teamwork were also a big part of Albright’s message to the roughly 85 people in the room, which included some of NAA’s corporate staff and all agency managers.

National Agents Alliance submitted the most applications since 2008 this week and is on pace for a record numbers of applications for the month of January.

Albright reiterated the importance of using weekly rotation meetings, plugging into The Wednesday Call Live with Andy Albright and keeping the growth trend continuing in 2012.

“We haven’t seen numbers like this since 2007 and we don’t think it’s going to stop as long we keep on the track we’re on,” Albright said. “It’s gotten past the point of us just saying; it’s time for all of us to do it now.

“You can speak it first before it happens and we’ve done that, now it’s time to act. We’ve reached the point where that is starting to take place. It didn’t happen all of a sudden. We’ve been saying the right stuff. We’ve talked about it a lot for the last year and we had two big meetings about it. It’s starting to happen.”

Albright reminded the room that when rotation meetings started, many in the company were concerned that it would hurt their business. Initially, numbers were maintained and less than four months later, weekly application totals started climbing.

“It was based on our new agent levels, rotation meetings and a couple of other things that people bought into,” Albright said. “We expect this to be the best year since we started this thing in 2002. We’ve got the team in place, we’ve got the resources that we didn’t have when we started and we have worked hard to put our company in this position.”

Albright recognized agency managers who hosted the most rotation meetings based on distance and quantity.

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