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Andy Albright Takes a New Direction for His Birthday

President and CEO of National Agents Alliance, Andy Albright requested that instead of presents for his birthday, that the NAA® staff members donate money to the ministry New Directions International.

Together, the staff rose $355 dollars which NAA® then matched for a total of $710 dollars to go towards the ministry.

“I appreciate the staff stepping up and making a difference for a cause that I feel strongly about. I wanted to give to this charity because it’s not about giving money to help buy things, this ministry changes lives and betters humanity on a local and international level.” said Andy Albright.

New Directions International is partnered with strategic Christian leaders to minister in 20 nations representing millions of individuals, they have constructed 434 church buildings for congregations in over 23 countries, have provided 40 vehicles, 55 motorcycles, and hundreds of bicycles to pastors, evangelists and other Christian leaders as well as conducted over 250 Biblical leadership training conferences involving tens of thousands of men and women in over 21 countries. The organization also helps over 1,700 children daily receive food, clothing, and an education.

National Agents Alliance Donates to New Directions International

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