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Andy Albright Wants You to Change or Be Changed

President and CEO of National Agents Alliance®, Andy Albright is on a mission to help people change.  During his talk at boot camp training for new agents joining NAA®, he spoke about the importance of helping people change for the better.

“Better to help people change than to have everyone like everything you do. The harder I got, the more we grew.” said Albright. He continued, “Don’t let people hold you down from what you want.”

This no-holds-barred attitude is exactly what has grown NAA® to what it is today. NAA® provides people with the opportunity to work full or part-time selling mortgage protection on their own time.

“Get fired up about being free; get fired up about being here! We are the ones making a difference.  Let’s get fired up about finding one more person committed.” said Albright.

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