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National Agents Alliance Announces 2nd Wave of Black Card Members

BURLINGTON, N.C. – National Agents Alliance, the nation’s leader in Mortgage Protection services, has redesigned and launched its President’s Club Web site, President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Albright announced Monday.

The new design allows for easier navigation, provides enhanced functionality and encourages visitors to explore all the different options for the three levels of NAA’s President’s Club. The site also features a news and events page, and a photo page.

Albright announced that instead of one level of membership, people associated with National Agents Alliance will have the option of joining President’s Club on three separate levels: Quick Start, Complete and Black Card.

"We were happy with President’s Club before this new program, but we wanted to change it up a bit so that people at different levels could benefit from what President’s Club offers," Albright said. "The response and feedback we have gotten has been tremendous. We have heard how pleased people are with the new tiers we have added and we will continue to add new wrinkles going forward."
Recognizing the evolution of online communications, National Agents Alliance continues to integrate social media components with links to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Additionally, National Agents Alliance saw the need to redesign a number of its Web sites and has launched some of those, including: NAASupport, HotSpots, NAAtv, NAALife and Be Your Own Rock Star.

The President’s Club redesign was based on a Web site assessment including feedback from key target audiences, such as consultants, agents, executives and key executives.

President’s Club liaison Brandi Tipton has seen membership double with the addition of three levels and is excited to continue that growth in the next year.

"The response to our new and improved President’s Club is incredibly," Tipton said. "When you look at what we have tweaked and improved, it has made a huge difference and our people absolutely love it. I can’t tell you how excited I am about what President’s Club is doing and will do in the future."


National Agents Alliance is an innovative lead generation and marketing organization that sells life insurance, annuities, and other financial services products through more than 7,000 active independent sales representatives in 50 states. Focused on serving middle-income families, National Agents Alliance is the No. 1 United States provider of mortgage protection insurance and offers a broad array of other affordable products from highly regarded companies such as Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, and ING. Since its inception in 2002, National Agents Alliance has helped more than 670,000 families successfully apply for more than $78 billion in life insurance coverage.

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