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Burlington Native Andy Albright Makes Impact on Business Journal’s Fast 50

Andy Albright and Rodney Smitth show off their companies' Fast 50 awards

Burlington, NC – In a time of financial uncertainty, two companies are making their names known in Burlington. Marketing and Sales firm National Agents Alliance and Smith Rentals Inc. were named in the top 10 of The Business Journal’s Fast 50 for the second year in a row. The Fast 50 is a yearly measuring stick for companies that have displayed tremendous growth and innovation in the Triad.

NAA’s President CEO, Andy Albright, was thrilled at the news. “This is great news for our staff throughout the country. It’s good to see them get some recognition.” Rodney Smith, President of Smith Rentals Inc., was equally excited. “This is the fourth year that we were named in the Fast 50. We hope to continue to grow our company in the future.”

NAA remained adaptive by diversifying its lead production and branching out into the internet to find people who are going through major life changes, such as retirement, taxes, college tuition, and much more. Smith sees the drop in housing rates as an opportunity to buy undervalued housing by adding real value to the property. “We provide affordable housing to those who can no longer buy homes,” says Smith. “It’s a good opportunity for people.” The innovative vision of both companies has led to rare growth in a time of recession.

Both Smith and Albright are natives to the Burlington area. Smith says, “Being in the middle part of the state, we can drive to all our property within a day. We’ve got a staff of good people here.” Albright has lived in other areas, but he keeps returning to the Triad: “I grew up in Burlington and travelled across the country. Although I’ve lived in other locations, this area is my favorite.”

As for the future of Burlington, “I’d like to see more manufacturing to replace the recent jobs lost. There are good people here in the Carolinas,” says Smith. Albright echoes this positive outlook: “I see steady growth in the future; Burlington is the corridor to the USA.” If other companies in the area follow in Smith Rentals Inc. and NAA’s success, the future certainly looks bright.

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