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Clebe McClary inspires the Alliance at ‘Key To Tomorrow’ Leadership Conference

Clebe McClery

American author, war hero and Vietnam veteran Clebe McClary and his wife, Deanna took the stage at National Agents Alliance’s “Key to Tomorrow” Leadership Conference at the Raleigh Convention Center, where he inspired the audience to be their best and to seize each and every day.

McClary, who lost an arm and eye and was left with a severely damaged right hand when he was ambushed by the Vietnamese during his 19th reconnaissance mission, asked the audience “What are you worth?”

He inquired if anyone would sell a body part for a million dollars, jokingly adding that one person is worth $6 million just in spare body parts. He then reminded everyone that tomorrow isn’t promised, that’s why we today the “present”—a true gift from God.

McClary also revealed the two “Cs” and three “Ss”of success—communication, commitment, see, start and “STP” sustain your pace. He explains that communication and commitment are the cornerstones to success.

“You need to say what you mean and mean what you say,” McClary said. He also noted that you need to “see” where you want to go and then “start” taking action on those dreams and goals, all while “sustaining your pace.”

McClary emphasized that no matter what obstacles and roadblocks get in your way; if you get knocked down, get back up and continue on to your goal.

After McClary’s inspiring speech, NAA President and CEO Andy Albright presented Clebe and Deanna with a $500 check to the Clebe McClary Evangelistic Association on behalf of National Agents Alliance. Through their organization they have built an Oceanside sanctuary for injured combat veterans and have offered aid to our service men and women.

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