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Davies Agency Builds Momentum with Summer Conference

Over 500 NAA agents from all over the country flocked to the Blake Hotel in Charlotte, NC recently for the Davies Agency Summer Conference.

“The expressed purpose of the summer conference was to ignite our team with the energy and fire they need to go rolling into summer and to build up momentum for the leadership conference,” said Stephen Davies, a Master Agency Manager of NAA. “It was wicked awesome and definitely the most energy we’ve ever had at a conference.”

Agents in attendance received training over a three-day period from NAA’s top agency managers: Alex Fitzgerald, Ed Orell, Adam Katz, Casey Watkins, Brandon Ellison, and Kevin Davies. Also in attendance were NAA’s three owners: President and CEO, Andy Albright, Barry Clarkson, and Philip Hudgins.

At NAA, agency managers are encouraged to hold conferences for their team members and new agents to continue training and encouragement within the organization.

Stephen Davies says, “The only difference between the top guys and everyone else is that they push through. We all go through the same things, but we keep going.”

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