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Horning honors Albright with combat-flown American flag

BURLINGTON, N.C. (January 12, 2010) – Army helicopter pilot David Horning honored National Agents Alliance and its president and chief executive officer Andy Albright with a flag flown Oct. 23 during combat in Afghanistan as part of operation Enduring Freedom and Task Force Lighthorse.

Horning mailed the flag to thank Albright, his wife, Jane and the National Agents Alliance staff for a large care package sent to him while overseas. Horning received National Agents Alliance’s first American Military Heroes recognition in March, 2010. The campaign is designed to show support and appreciation to Americans who are actively serving in the military by sending care packages and notes of gratitude overseas.

In addition to the flag, Albright was presented with a certificate of authenticity stating that the flag was presented with great pride and honor from the pilots and crew chiefs of Alpha Company “Assassins” 1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment and 3rd Infantry Division. The certificate stated that the flag flew during 2.5 hours of combat aboard an AH-64D Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter, aircraft #02-052330, on an aerial escort and security mission in support of coalition forces fight against the enemies of the United States. It was also signed by Horning, CW2 Co-Pilot/Gunner, and CW2 Pilot-in-Command Melissa Huber and included a pictures of the two pilots holding the flag in front of their helicopter.

“When I opened the box Dave sent us I got excited because you just don’t get something like that every day,” said Albright, who plans to display the flag and certificate prominently at the NAA headquarters in Burlington, N.C. “To have a flag that was actually flown in battle is amazing and I can’t thank Dave and all our military personnel for their service. They go out and protect our freedoms every day and we should never take that for granted. I can’t wait to thank Dave in person.”

Horning, who was honored by The Livingston County Daily Press & Argus as one of its “Most Intriguing People” of 2010, said he wanted to thank the Albrights and NAA for sending a package that was much needed.

“Andy and his wife had sent us a really nice care package and I was able to share it with everybody in my group and I just wanted to thank them for their support,” said Horning, 32. “That was why I did it. I’ve been surprised at the reaction I’ve gotten to them and I was flying as many as I could. It’s been very humbling to see the emotional responses.”

During the year he spent in Afghanistan, Horning said his team’s base mission was to serve as quick reaction force to ground troops engaged in battle. This was Horning’s second tour in Afghanistan, in addition to a tour in Iraq and service at Guantanamo Bay. Horning is currently stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Ga.

“This deployment versus the others was a little easier as far as day-to-day things,” Horning said. “Each one has provided challenges, but living conditions were more established this time. I had access to things like showers and hot meals all the time, where on the other two I never knew what was coming next. In the others, I slept in a Humvee or had to eat MREs.”

Horning is the son of Mark and Kathie Horning, who said they were more than proud of their son’s service.

“It’s not a little thing that NAA does by sending those care packages; it’s a huge,” Mark Horning said. “It’s so appreciated by our troops. I know any family member that has someone in the military has to see that and appreciate what NAA has done and is doing to recognize and support our country’s efforts and the people that are doing it.”

“The flag David sent to Andy is a reminder of the sacrifices our soldiers are willing to make for us. I know our country is in good hands because of the people serving. A lot of people worry about our country but I don’t because of our soldiers. They are concerned enough to protect our way of life. Just seeing that flag reminds me of the young people protecting us. It’s an awesome thing for them to think that much of our flag and to protect our freedoms. People need to thank those guys more than we do and I’ve made it a point now to go out of my way to thank veterans when I see them.”

Kathie Horning said her son has been a daredevil since he was a little boy.

“He told us he didn’t want a boring desk job and that he wanted to see the world,” Kathie Horning said. “He’s done that and Mark and I are so proud of everything he’s done.”


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