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NAA Truth: THINK BIG and Win

THINK BIG—it’s the cornerstone of National Agents Alliance, who believes in dreaming big and working hard to achieve those goals. But sometimes when life, fear and obstacles get in the way, thinking big seemingly becomes a daunting task.

Winners do not let these fears cloud their vision and goals; instead they change their attitude and thinking. Here’s how:

  • Leave your baggage at the door: Look deep inside yourself and identify the issues that are preventing you from thinking big. Let those negativities go and don’t allow it to creep back in.
  • White sheeting: This is Andy Albright’s favorite brain storming and planning tactic. Pull out an 8.5 x 11-inch white sheet of paper from your copier, find a writing utensil, and begin writing down your thoughts and ideas. Andy Albright swears by it!
  • Pull the trigger: Do it! Be bold!
  • Do something: If you’re having a hard time getting started, just do something—anything! Once you’re moving, chances are you’ll continue moving.

When building your agency it’s important to always THINK BIG and have a bigger, bolder goal to strive for. Not every idea will be a home run, but it’s better to dream and create than fall into the shadows of those who do. The most successful at National Agents Alliance are dreamers, thinkers and believers—you don’t rise to the top by doubting yourself!

Be a thinker. Be bold. Be a winner.

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