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National Agents Alliance Knocks Down Economic Boundaries in Alamance County


National Agents Alliance cut the ribbon on their new 20,000 square foot building located on Maple Avenue in Burlington, N.C.  In addition to their corporate office, this building will be used for contracting and applications as well as the customer service department.


Mayor of Burlington, Ronnie Wall had this to say at the ribbon cutting ceremony, “What a beautiful day to celebrate something positive happening in the city for the city of Burlington. I’d like to extend a continued welcome to this fine group of people helping our great community trying to survive this economy. Thank you for participating and believing in the city of Burlington as well as partnering with the city.”


The expansion comes due to the growth that NAA has been experiencing despite economic hard times.


President and CEO, Andy Albright said, “In our company right now, we’re excited about what’s going on. Some in Alamance County are going through some tough times. 1997 is when I came back to Alamance County, and  I told my friend Alex Fitzgerald, who is now our top manager, that we’ve got to find something that will let us “build a business”. Now we have about 6,000 salespeople in all 50 states. We made the purchase, I thought, let’s go ahead and do it now because we know the country’s going to continue to grow, we know Alamance County’s going to keep growing, and we know the economy is going to be okay.”


Albright continues, “Right now as our business expands, we want to do the right thing for Alamance County. We’re bringing at least 500 people in from all over the country for our events. I like it because our agents are frequenting my buddies’ businesses, guys that I want to keep in business; I had all kinds of little businesses in this county myself so I’m thrilled to support anybody in Alamance County.”


“Our endeavor is to take this 100 million dollar operation and make it a billion dollar operation. And make a difference not only in Alamance County and the United States, but we have international plans, and we’re about as excited as we’ve ever been about the future. I love to see the excitement in Alamance County. I hope we can do something to inspire that and do more for the community.” Albright concluded.


Along with the Mayor of Burlington, Ronnie Wall, the Alamance Chamber of Commerce attended, as well as NAA staff members.


Chamber Chair Elect, Bill Gomory was pleased to be a part of the expansion,In this day and age when you look at the newspaper there’s just a lot of negative news out there.  I’m happy to be a part of really positive news. We’re talking about job growth, expansion. These are the positive things that never make it into the newspaper.  Spread the word, things are growing here in Burlington.”




 National Agents Alliance Opens New Building

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