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National Agents Alliance Launches a ‘New and Improved’ NAA University

BURLINGTON, N.C. – National Agents Alliance’s hub for product training—NAA University—has undergone a major facelift that will help our life insurance agents dominate the field of insurance sales, and consequently live the lifestyle that successful people live.

NAA University is the best new agent online training available on the market, which provides an in-depth look at index universal life, term life, final expense, annuity, whole life and various other areas of life insurance sales.

“I didn’t think it was possible, but the NAAU team made the curriculum even better! It is now jam packed full of information on products, the NAA system, leads, and SOOOOO much more,” NAA product specialist Gina Hawks said. “This is definitely a tool EVERY agent needs to take advantage of as soon as possible! What do I hear most about NAAU from graduates? ‘I wish I had taken it sooner! It’s so helpful for a new agent.’”

The new and improved NAA University has filled in several big voids that provide up-to-date and comprehensive training for our life insurance sales agents.

NAAU Coach Gitcher Buttingear held an impromptu press conference at NAA headquarters today and was very arrogant in his comments about the new and improved product. Buttingear, known for his brash behavior, has been a fixture at National Agents Alliance since 2002 when he arrived at NAA and started coaching agents and members of the corporate staff.

“I don’t know what all the hub-bub is about,” a standoffish NAAU Coach said just after spitting tobacco juice into a red Solo cup. “The NAAU team did their stinkin’ job by makin’ the curriculum better.  I told ’em countless times that they needed to clean up their act, and I just don’t see why it took ’em so long. Yes, the training is better – just like I said to make it. If the agents are happy with the new stuff, and they will be, they have one person to thank. I’ll give you one guess who.”

As Coach left the podium and laughed wickedly, he continued pointing to himself and said, “It’s all thanks to this guy!”

NAA University Package

National Agents Alliance takes the business of protecting families with mortgage protection, life insurance and retirement protection seriously, which is why NAA University is serious training for those serious about success in life insurance. In fact, Coach challenges anybody who thinks they can top it to bring it on!

“NAA University has already changed everything for me,” Helen Marr, an agent from Houston, Texas said. “I was so frustrated because I have been with NAA for two months, and I wanted to be able to sell. This is the missing link that I did not have. It’s wonderful! Life changing! Thank you for the opportunity! For the time, I can truly join in and say I’m all fired up!”

The new NAAU includes more than 200 pages of training, videos featuring Hawks and carrier representatives, audio and video from events, eight DVDs and MP3s with hours of content, product guides from major carriers and a 100 level exam.

To learn more about NAAU, please visit

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  1. Robert Hixon Says:

    I signed up for an online course — nevada success. I am not succeeding. If I take your course — will this count in Nevada as my pre exam study ? My friend Lev took this course and loved it !

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