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Paul Roberts uses National Agents Alliance to help him find road to recovery

Paul RobertsPaul Roberts’ life was filled with chaos, anxiety and worry.

Roberts was functioning as he worked with National Agents Alliance, but when he was alone his drinking reached destructive levels. Roberts hid it so well that few knew about the problem he was fighting on a daily basis.

Roberts would drink in social settings, but that wasn’t when he was at his worst. The really bad times were when he was alone. There were times when he was by himself when he would open a bottle of liquor and drink in a bathroom by himself. One night Roberts woke up in his garage and wasn’t really sure why he was there.

In January of 2012, Roberts started to hit rock bottom. There were multiple trips to the emergency room to get help after days of binge drinking. After a 40-day fast where he gave up alcohol, Roberts started drinking again. He started hallucinating and had thoughts that he was a burden on his wife, Tamara and their daughters – Torre and Randi.

“I should have been dead,” Roberts says.

On May 28, 2012, Roberts said he asked God to make him stop. Roberts stopped drinking that day and, with the help of The Alliance, hasn’t had a drink since then.

“I got a second chance. I wouldn’t have sobered up without The Alliance,” Roberts says. “Where else would it happen? If you are working at a corporate job and you tell them the problems you are having like I was, then it’s likely that you’d be fired.”

Instead of seeking treatment through a rehabilitation program like Alcoholics Anonymous, Roberts sought out guidance and counseling from leaders of The Alliance like Alex Fitzgerald, Tim Goad (NAA Cultural Advisor) and National Agents Alliance President and CEO Andy Albright. Roberts plugged into NAA’s HotSpots meetings and he started to see a positive difference in his life.

“My destruction when I was alone, it was like I tried to make the Earth stop or I tried to make life stop,” Roberts says. “Once I started taking action, moving, reading books about alcohol addictions and the books Andy had me reading, things started feeling better and I felt like I was in control. You can take action with The Alliance and it’s rewarding because people can steer you in the right direction.”

A little more than a year after he stopped drinking, the Roberts’ household in Highland Village, Texas is a happier place. Roberts, 43, says he’s a better husband, father, friend and leader now to the people in his life. His wife agrees.

“He’s done a lot of it on his own, but it’s amazing what he’s done with help from Andy, Fitz and Tim,” Tamara says. “I know that my husband is going to shine just like he should. He’s making us all better people. We’ve gotten back to who we are again. We’ve gotten so much closer. We’re doing it together.”

With a newfound clarity, Roberts said his future is bright. His goal is to make up for lost time with his family and to be very productive with National Agents Alliance in his 40s. Roberts says the roller coaster ride is over. He knows that life is tough at times and it will not always be easy, but now he can handle it with a clear head.

“The last 365 days I’ve felt emotions and things I haven’t felt before,” Roberts says. “There are times when it’s been hard but knowing I can handle the feelings I’m having lets me know it’s going to get better. I’m in control because I put God in control. I don’t have to do it all. I’m really looking forward to the future.”

Roberts said he wants to share his story because he knows that if he can help one person then sharing his past is worth it. The addiction doesn’t have to be alcohol, it could be anything.

“The addiction could be losing for crying out loud,” Roberts says. “It doesn’t matter what it is. The Alliance is a place where we look for reasons why we will win and not reasons why we can’t. You can’t look for situations that are worse than you. If you have a problem and you need help, you have a support system with National Agents Alliance. We are here to help each other succeed.”

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